Shift 2 Stream exhibits at the CCTA 2020 Annual Meeting

Shift 2 Stream is now an Associate Member of the CCTA to help Caribbean Cable Operator member companies work with Programmers to procure, acquire and deliver high-value IP-based linear and on-demand streaming content for their subscribers.


Shift 2 Stream and ATSC 3.0 in Startup Alley at the 2019 CableLabs Summer Conference

Steve Calzone of Shift 2 Stream demonstrated the Shift 2 Stream solutions with ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV for Cable Operators at the 2019 CableLabs Summer Conference in Keystone, Colorado.  Shift 2 Stream partnered with Unisoft and S&T to deliver an ATSC 3.0 broadcast over the Internet to a Samsung Smart TV.  The demonstration included a view of the Unisoft ATSC 3.0 ATMonitor and ATCaster running with the Shift 2 Stream Velocity 2 Video cloud services!

Shift 2 Stream also partnered with Mirada to demonstrate its choice User Experience for Cable Operators: the Mirada IRIS common UX, across multiple platforms including the Sagemcom DCIW-387 STB, the Xiaomi Mi Box STB, the Skyworth STB (used by Televisa for their Izzi product), and the Samsung Smart TV, along with a SONY Playstation PS-4, Android tablet and phone, iPhone and iPad Pro!