Shift 2 Stream exhibits at the CCTA 2020 Annual Meeting

Shift 2 Stream is an Associate Member of the CCTA to help Caribbean Cable Operator member companies work with Programmers to procure, acquire and deliver high-value IP-based linear and on-demand streaming content for their subscribers.


Shift 2 Stream in Startup Alley at the 2019 CableLabs Summer Conference


Steve Calzone of Shift 2 Stream demonstrated the Shift 2 Stream Velocity 2 Video solutions with ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV for Cable Operators at the 2019 CableLabs Summer Conference in Keystone, Colorado.  Steve demonstrated multiple Shift 2 Stream partner solutions, including the Mirada Iris Inspire UI, and the Unisoft ATSC 3.0 ATCaster and ATMonitor.


Shift 2 Stream is currently working with these partners to help deliver ATSC 3.0 broadcasts and interactive applications to cable operators through its Velocity 2 Video cloud services infrastructure.


Mark M. Myslinski | OTT Video Executive Magazine | Fall – 2017 Issue, Pg. 18


Companies competing in industries based on video compression and processing are at a tenuous point today. This is a time where those companies will have to make a big fat choice as to whether to invest in appliance based capex that is frankly getting dirt cheap, or in a cloud-based model that is opex-based. These are two very distinctly different types of investments and difficult to compare in total cost of ownership (TCO) models. Yet as a company competing in this arena over the next 3 years, you will find yourself sitting in one camp and competing against companies in the other camp. And these technologies are so distinctly different that someone will likely have a distinct advantage.

As you contemplate moving from depreciation-based capex models, to overly opex-based models and considering TCO, what I would say is that identifying some of the trajectories taking place within these technologies could provide some clarity for your path forward. I say this specifically within my current strong suit, over-the-top (OTT) and broadcast television, of which I continue to cultivate the joining of the two. And here I will say that today we are not completely there yet, but this discussion gets us a lot closer.

Cloud Resources Today

Our discussion of cloud infrastructure needs to address two components, the application software and the underlying compute resources. And today, the cloud cost curves for video processing in general are heading sharply in a good direction, but it is elements of the underlying computing resources that need to be addressed for the TCO model to be truly effective.

• Download the full article from the Over The Top Video Executive Magazine here: OTT Trajectories and Cloud Computing

From the forward-thinking folks at Shift 2 Stream: Shifting is the Only Option


Steve Calzone of Shift 2 Stream and Mark Myslinski of Open Video Consulting discuss S2S services, tools and cloud capabilities.