Shift 2 Stream Consulting Services

Shift 2 Stream manages and delivers the comprehensive IP Video services your customers require today. Our consultants are world-class and ready to work with you on:

   - A TCO business model that helps improve margins and ties costs directly to revenue generation;
   - Enabling video services through existing content partners while streamlining new content delivery models;
   - Efficient Life-Cycle Management of an IoT-capable Video Platform;
   - Ability to collapse multiple STB models and versions to a single cost effective technology-advanced IoT streaming device, an effective anchor to video services which participates in IoT and smart home services;
   - Enabling all services and features to an advanced 4K-capable hybrid STB and customer-provided companion devices such as iOS, Android phone and tablet, Apple TV and Android TV devices.

 Shift 2 Stream has created the Shift-Modeling Tool to help assist us with your transformation.  Let us show you how.