Strategy and Business Development Officer: Steve Calzone

Steve Calzone, founding partner at Shift 2 Stream, has over 30 years of experience creating, developing and deploying interactive digital media and computer applications in the commercial mass marketplace. He has authored and been awarded over a dozen patents on interactive television and related applications of technology, including cable TV automated billing, TV Caller ID and personalized video mosaics for Cox Communications. Steve has held high-level engineering and executive management positions at DTV Consulting, Cox, Freeview Networks, i2Go, Scientific-Atlanta, Iterated Systems and Digital Theater. Mr. Calzone is currently serving as the Chairman of the ATSC TG3/S37 Specialist Group on Conversion and Redistribution of ATSC 3.0, driving group efforts to deliver ATSC 3.0 services to MVPDs. His focus as partner in Shift 2 Stream is on high-quality UX, applications, cloud delivery systems for TVaaS, and feature deployments for cable operators and broadcasters. Steve earned his degree in Microprocessor Arts Systems Technology from the State University of New York at Buffalo. 


Architecture and Engineering Officer: Chip Paryzek

Chip Paryzek, founding partner at Shift 2 Stream, has over 35 years of experience, with an extensive background in fiber, satellite, HFC, WiFi, and IP/cloud networks delivering video, data, and telephony services. Chip was responsible for Switched Digital Video, analytics, cost modeling, and Bandwidth Management at Cox Communications, and he has presented papers at international OTT conferences on all four. Chip has been on both vendor and operator sides of multiple industries, and held high-level engineering and executive management positions at AParaByte, Cox Communications, Tandberg Television, EGT, Scientific-Atlanta, Comstream, Comtel, Federal Express, and Advance, Inc. Mr. Paryzek has served on the ATSC T3/S2 and T3/S8, and IEEE 802.3, 802.11 and 802.17 working groups. His focus as partner in Shift 2 Stream is on high-quality video acquisition, processing and storage, DRM/CAS solutions, CDN, and cloud delivery systems. Chip has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and is a USAF Disabled Veteran.


Advisor: Mark Jensen

Executive Director, Video Product Management and Strategy, ATN International

Mark Jensen is the executive directory of video product management and strategy at ATN International, identifying key insights and market research for developing innovative product plans. Mark is leading teams in developing strategic technology blueprints for evolving existing television and media systems to achive new business models. Prior to joing ATN in 2016 he held roles within Ericsson’s global media business unit. Mark served as vice president of business development for the Americas and later as advanced media architect developing cloud-based media storage and processing, along with hybrid and OTT strategies for operators and content companies across the LATAM region. His varied experiences include product development for Comcast Xfinity where he led the services library foundation of X1 clients, manager of interactive television systems at Cox Communications, and director of systems architecture at RCN. He is also an experienced and successful entrepreneur in the technology and media industry, founding both Kanvis Media Solutions and Cloud Television Services. Mark has an Economics degree from the School of Business, University of Southern Maine.