Velocity 2 Video

Live channel TV, nDVR and VOD supporting multiple bit rates to Operator TV platform, including consumer owned multiscreen devices and Operator-supplied STBs and devices.100, 200 Source Models​, 50 Locals​, Language Services​, Blackouts / Program Substitution​. All under one roof.

Overcome Content Challenges

Powered by SQUAD Server Technology for Multicast/Unicast Content Distribution​ that gives you:

  • Security
  • Quality
  • Usability  
  • Accessibility
  • Digital

Content Flexibility for Hybrid and Customer Service Delivery Options

  • Full Cache and Streaming​ – A better customer experience across all devices
  • Automated Program Substitution, Language Translation
  • Less support headaches – Adapts to poor network connections – Monitoring and Reports
  • SVOD integration, VOD onboarding, App Sell through, Data/WiFi business drivers

Get You the Best Possible TCO Model​

We work with you on your CapEx/OpEx to get you the best possible TCO model.

  • Reduce OpEx, preserves transmission network CapEx and eliminates further CapEx Cost
  • Increases EBIDTA
  • Carefully targets Investment areas for Internet services / data and WiFi usage 

All of Your Providers in One


Service FeaturesS2S​Tivo​X1​FuboPhilo​Mobi
No Disk in any STB​✓​
One SKU supports all features​✓​✓​✓​
Common UX on all devices​✓​
Hybrid STB and Multiscreen​✓​✓​✓​
Supports Wi-Fi & Bluetooth​✓​✓​
Supports 4K, HEVC, MPEG-4​✓​
Supports Both QAM & IP input​✓​✓​✓​
Voice Activated Remote​✓​✓​✓​✓​✓​
Supports App Enablement​✓​
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